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Mark Russell

Mark Russell will always be a part of KarMik Acres

Mark Russell

It is with great sadness that Mark’s clinics are cancelled due to his untimely passing.  It is another lesson to us all to live life to it’s fullest each day – no regrets.  Mark was a wonderful example of living with kindness to all and no regrets. He will be greatly missed.  Our lives and our horses lives were changed for the better because of him.

Mark Russell was the consummate horseman. It is sometimes difficult to describe the depth and breadth of his understanding of the horse. Evidence of it emerges when one watched him approach the horse. A subtle communication, a touch on the neck, or as one student stated of her horse: “she just melted in his hand”. One would think that is the beginning, but for Mark, the connection developed some time before the rest of us noticed.

Mark RussellA master of equine biomechanics, a former student of Master Oliveira, a practitioner of the nearly forgotten Classical Teachings of the past, an expert in and occasional critic of current Natural Horsemanship constructs, a beneficiary of the wisdom of Tai-Chi; all scratch the surface of Mark’s knowledge. His layers of experience and insights seemed never-ending and he was a perpetual student of the human and horse.

For Mark, each path deepened the understanding of the other. Mark was unique indeed; his quiet energy, his calm demeanor, his wealth of knowledge, all expressed while he teaches both horse and rider made him a popular teacher and clinician.

Mark Russell’s credits include authoring the highly acclaimed book “Lessons in Lightness: the Art of Educating the Horse”, he is featured in the DVD “Riding with Chi: Your Pathway to Energy Mastery”, and he has been featured in a variety of equine journals.

Mark Russell Western