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Friends of KarMik Acres

Horsemanship Friends of KarMik Acres

Here are some of our favorite resources: – An equine directory targeted to the Midwest Equestrian.  Add Free basic listings and events. Advertising opportunities also available.

EspanaSILK Products – All natural grooming products. Can be purchased at clinics at KarMik Acres.

Friends of KarMik Acres - Espana Silk Products

Coolstance is available for purchase at KarMik Acres.

ABC Organic Supplements are available for purchase at KarMik Acres.

ExcelEQ is one of the few products we use with our horses and can offer you a small discount if you use the coupon code “karmik” when ordering through their site.  We believe in the product and have become distributors. If local, you can pick up product from us directly or order direct with ExcelEQ to have it shipped. Don’t forget our coupon code to get a discount (karmik). – Dee Janelle has been instrumental in helping us tie together all the pieces of what we consider true horsemanship.  The depth of her knowledge and care for the horse are immeasurable. She always puts the horse first and is still able to achieve high levels of performance with her SET training method. We feel very fortunate to have met her and been able to start learning her SET method. – Another outstanding horsemen who followed the teachings of Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. We’re excited to be able to bring him to KarMik Acres for the first time in 2015. – Jillian Kreinbring is a master of equine biomechanics and has a unique eye to be able to pull from her knowledge base to develop a happy and healthy horse through art form horsemanship. – Website of Mark Russell, author of Lessons in Lightness and Riding with Chi. Mark was only with us for a short time but made a huge impact on our horsemanship.  Please visit his website and support his teachings. – One of our favorite horsemen. Martin’s passion for the Vaquero style horsemanship shines through in all his teaching. His style of horsemanship is a outstanding foundation for any discipline. – All natural pet foods in Crystal Lake, IL – Custom Wade tree saddles and vaquero style gear.Frecker's Saddle – Top of the line hoof care specialist, researcher and teacher.