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Jillian Kreinbring – Relaxation Course 2

Jillian Kreinbring – Relaxation Course 2

Dates: August 4-6 with a lesson day on August 7th
Pre-requisite: Biomechanics Lecture Series and Course 1
Participants: Limited to 8 riders – no auditors
Registration: Rider Spots are Full. We are taking a waiting list.

Relaxation – A Stepping Stone Toward Building Postural Strength and Health

Postural alignment is the basis of proper movement. Whether it’s you or your horse, poor postural strength can lead to a long list of injuries. However, before you can start building postural strength it is vital that one learns the importance of relaxation and how to help your horse find it.

This three-day course focuses on relaxation of the horse and rider and is an important prerequisite to building postural strength in horses. Strong emphasis will be placed on equine biomechanics and neurology, which specifically relates to eliciting relaxation.

Students will:

  • Learn why relaxation is a building block for your horse’s success.
  • Examine the gateways to physically and mentally supporting the horse to find relaxation and enhance learning.
  • Observe physical elements of relaxation including the: tongue, hyoid, TMJ, atlanto-axial joint and dental mechanics.
  • Discover why jaw and lateral flexions are necessary and how they work.
  • Learn about rider rotation.
  • Look at how bits can help and/or hinder the relaxation process.
  • Leave with an understanding of how horses bend and the importance of proper bend.

Course Details

  • Content discussed in a classroom setting and later applied during group and individual lessons.
  • Seminar booklets containing articles and presentation materials provided.
  • Teaching materials range from articles, discussions, PowerPoint and videos focusing on human and horse biomechanics and relaxation.

PLEASE NOTE: Jillian’s Biomechanics Lecture Series and Course 1 are pre-requisits for this class.