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SET Seminar

Simple Equine Teaching – Seminar One

Dates:   Lecture Seminar Future Dates TBD
Time: 9AM – 5:00PM each day
Class size: Limited to 20 participants
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Text – 941.320.5481
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Dee Janelle is originator and Instructor of the Simple Equine Teaching (SET) Training Method. She believes horses enjoy working with people, but when problems occur, it isn’t fun for either party.

If you have ever experienced difficulty with your horse, you know how awful it can be. The SET Method eliminates problems between you and your horse by teaching you how to clearly communicate your desires using the horse’s three trainable systems—Mental, Emotional, and Physical.

SET Seminar One  covers the first system—Mental, where you will gain a thorough knowledge of equine psychology—how horses think, how they learn, and how they communicate—all from the horse’s perspective.

This two-day classroom learning experience provides participants with answers that Dee has gleaned from over 50 years of successfully teaching and training horses.Come and learn the foundation of the Set Method so you can start training your horse without any difficulties.

Stay for two extra days and audit SET Method advanced level lessons on Monday and Tuesday!

Seminar includes lunch, refreshments and snacks each day.

About Dee:
Dee Janelle began riding hunters at age 9 and quickly advanced to riding jumpers. By the time she was 15, she’d built a strong classical dressage foundation and that same year started her professional training career. Throughout her life, she concentrated most of her show efforts on Three-Day Eventing and competitive dressage.  After a lifetime of training, instructing, showing, breeding, and starting colts for her clients, in the early 1990’s, Dee began developing a unique training and instruction program that in 2000 culminated in The SET Method—what Dee describes as “Training From the Horse’s Perspective”. The Method combines her ability to correctly read equine body language and psychology to train horses the way she observes horses teaching other horses—from mares and their foals, to wild fighting stallions protecting their herds. Using this Method, Dee has instructed thousands of students to understand the horse’s unique perspective, and how to use that perspective to solve problems in any situation. Today the SET Method is her foundation for successfully training Working Equitation horses and riders. As a student herself, Dee continues to pursue the upper levels of classical dressage, and has expanded her journey to include the intricacies of the California Spade Bit Bridle Horse traditions, which has its roots in Spain. She enjoys the similarities between these two ancient systems and frequently combines them for spectacular results.