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Team KarMik

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KarMik Acres is affiliated with and a Group Member in good standing with the Confederation for Working Equitation.  We would like to share our Confederation membership benefits (and additional Team KarMik benefits) with those interested in getting involved in the great sport of Working Equitation.  We have chosen to affiliate only with the Confederation as they are a unified governing body for the development and promotion of Working Equitation in the United States.

The Confederation has been the driving body in unifying existing Working Equitation groups, developing one U.S. rule book and one set of dressage tests for competitors. The Confederation also maintains a close working relationship with the World Association of Working Equitation (WAWE) and is working towards developing an internationally competitive U.S. team. The Confederation is also a USEF Alliance Partner and a nonprofit organization.

Team KarMik Membership Benefits:
• No drama!
• Priority registration for all KarMik Acres Working Equitation clinics and shows (show registration fees apply)
• Ability to attend KarMik Acres practice sessions ($40 per session)
• FREE auditing at all KarMik Acres Working Equitation clinics
• Eligible for KarMik Acres Year End awards for Working Equitation
• Makes you a KarMik Acres Group Member of the Confederation for Working Equitation
– This gives you the ability to attend any Confederation seminars (Confederation fees apply)
– Allows you to ride in Confederation licensed shows without paying Non-member fees
– You will receive the Confederation newsletters
Note: to be eligible for Confederation year end awards and lifetime achievement awards you will be required to have an individual membership through the Confederation.

Team KarMik Membership is Only $25 annually

Please note: Membership runs through Nov. 30th of each year.
If you don’t do PayPal, you are welcome to send us a check to: KarMik Acres, Inc., 4010 S. Cherry Valley Road, Woodstock, IL 60098