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Working Equitation from the Judges Perspective

Working Equitation
From the Judge’s Perspective with Tarrin Warren

Date: June 7 & 8th, Shows on June 9 & 10thscreen-shot-2016-11-16-at-2-15-19-pm
Riders: Limited to 10 riders in the clinic/ 25 each in show day
Rider Cost: Email for information and registration after Jan. 1st
Auditors: Auditing is $30 per day ($40 at door)
Time: 9AM-5PM / Lunch around noon each day

We had such a great turn out with everyone learning a ton and having lots of fun that we decided to bring Tarrin back to the Great Lakes Region for more Working Equitation from the Judge’s Perspective.

Working Equitation is a FUN new equestrian sport in the U.S. and due to the rapid growth, it is sometimes unclear as to what the judges are looking for. We thought it an excellent idea to bring in one of the top judges in Working Equitation in the United States to clarify things for us.

Tarrin Warren is a top rated judge in all of the United States Working Equitation organizations. This allows Tarrin to officiate over A-Rated, B-Rated, and Championship competitions at all levels in Working Equitation. Tarrin has shadow judged some of the top international judges in the sport. Tarrin has also been on the rules committee for the unified Working Equitation rules in the United States. If anyone knows the rules it’s her!

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-1-56-49-pmAside from Tarrin’s Working Equitation and judging experience, she has a strong breeding and training business in Texas.  She works well with riders of all levels.

Structure of this clinic:
This clinic will focus on the Ease of Handling phase where judging can me a little more subjective. Tarrin has been a key part of the transition team for the unified Working Equitation rules which makes her uniquely qualified to teach this clinic as well as a top judge in the sport.

Typical questions may be:
Ease of Handling or Speed Round (Novice Level and above) – “If I’m riding the sidepass poles and my horse steps forward over the pole (even at end), instead of sideways over the end before walking forward to complete the obstacle – would this be a disqualification or would I simply lose points/time?”

Another question might be “If my horse breaks gate in the dressage phase is that considered a major fault?” Or “I’m a dressage rider, how do the requirements of a WE test compare to a typical dressage test?”

Riders and Auditors will be able to ask their questions. Riders will have priority if time is a factor. 

Day One & Two  – We will discuss questions on dressage tests but focus mostly on Ease of Handling rounds during this clinic.

Days Three & Four:
Will be a shows judged by Tarrin.  Shows will be Confederation Licensed shows.  Let’s get the competition started – join us.

Riders and Auditors will get a tremendous amount out of this clinic and will certainly enjoy Tarrin’s down-to-earth, no nonsense style.  Tarrin is very interested in seeing the sport of Working Equitation grow and encourages all to give it a try.

Let’s have some FUN!!!