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Working Equitation

Working Equitation

We’ve been spending a lot of time working on our horsemanship (a never ending journey) and wanted to find a fun way to put it to the test. The sport we found andWorking Equitation Bull Ring Obstacle are excited to be promoting throughout the Midwest is the sport of Working Equitation.

What is Working Equitation?

Working Equitation includes three to four different trials in which horse/rider team demonstrate their partnership while gaining points. Highest total combined points wins.  It’s a competitive sport, from Portugal that’s taking hold in the U.S. Working Equitation is open to all breeds and welcomes a variety of tack/attire. You can participate at any level as well.  There’s something for everyone with Working Equitation.

The Four Trials include:
1. Dressage Trial: horse and rider complete a set pattern and are scored on how well they perform each of the required movements as well as the overall quality of the performance. For details on the dressage trial (including tests at each level) see Dressage in Working Equitation is the proof that the horse/rider team has the skills necessary to progress onto the Ease of Handling trial with obstacles.

2. Ease of Handling Trial allows competitors to demonstrate their ability to negotiate a set course of obstacles. In this phase each obstacle is judged for quality as well as correctness. Collection, impulsion and regularity of gate all count.Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.23.21 PM

3. Speed Trial is again about negotiating an obstacle course but now you are being timed. Competitors are scored on their overall time to complete the course with added time faults for errors. Introductory Level riders do not compete in the speed trial.

4. Cow Trials are offered at team competitions only. This trial includes teams of 3-4 riders that move the designated cattle individually across the arena and into a secondary pen. This is a timed event. We have practiced this phase in our cattle clinics – big fun!


Why KarMik Acres?

Fun! Fun! Fun!  We have built one of the nicest regulation obstacle courses in the country and hold Clinics, Shows and Working Equitation Practice Days to educate those interested in learning about the sport.  Karen is Working Equitation Judge and Technical Delegate through the Confederation for Working Equitation.

Whether you want to compete or just better your horsemanship, we look forward to helping you advance.  The sky is the limit. Come join the fun in our NO DRAMA environment!

If you’re looking put your horsemanship to the test without sacrificing your horse, then Working Equitation (the KarMik Acres way) is for you. Join Us!

KarMik Acres has also joined forces with the Confederation for Working Equitation in the USA to help promote the sport. This allows us to hold licensed shows under the Confederation. KarMik Acres is a group member and Karen is the Region 5 (Great Lakes Region) Director for the Confederation.  We look forward to promoting the sport and seeing it continue to grow in the Midwest.

Register now to become a KarMik Acres Working Equitation group member. The Group membership gives you priority registration for all KarMik Acres’ Working Equitation events and gives you the ability to show at Confederation licensed shows without an Individual Membership as well as be eligible for KarMik Acres new year end awards (starting in 2018). Group Member subscription is only $20 annually and follows the Confederation competition year (December 1st through November 30th of each year). Email us to join as a KarMik Acres Group Member today!

See our Calendar for  scheduled WE Practice Days, Mini Clinics and Shows.
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