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Working Equitation Common Questions

Working Equitation Common Questions


1. I’ve seen YouTube videos of the “pros” riding a Working Equitation course… OMG! My horse and I are not at that level… Can I still get involved?
Absolutely you can. Working Equitation is set up so that horse/rider combinations of ALL levels can get involved, compete and feel a sense of accomplishment. There are levels from beginner to advanced as well as a junior division.

2. I don’t have an Andalusian or Lusitano horse. Can I still get involved?
Absolutely! Even though Iberian horses were bred for this type of activity and sport, any horse can be competitive, even at national levels.  Precision and finesse will beat pure speed 99% of the time.

3. Do I have to compete?
No, you are welcome to simply come to the KarMik Acres Practice Days if you don’t have the time or interest in competing. We would love to have everyone learn about Working Equitation whether you want to compete or not. It’s a wonderful way to improve your horsemanship by simply having a job to do and goals to meet. You can do as much or as little as you want.


4. How much does it cost to get involved?
KarMik Acres practice days will be inexpensive and limited to 10 riders. Auditors are free.  Check our schedule for dates and email or call ahead to register. Dates may change due to weather, etc. Pre-registration is required.

Mini Clinics will involve instruction from various experts in the field of Working Equitation and cost will vary based on the clinic. Auditors $20 per day.  Join KarMik Acres group membership for priority event registration and other benefits. Email us for details.

Shows will be affordable to enter and FUN – with awards presented for each level.

5. Do I need to join the association?
Not unless you plan to show in rated shows. KarMik Acres is affiliated as a Group Member with the Confederation for Working Equitation in the USA. We are excited about the recent rules and consolidation among the different U.S. groups.  Hopefully WeUnited will set their ego aside and join the other groups in the Confederation. This would only a positive for the sport of Working Equitation. One consolidated group with one set of rules, one membership body, one set of judges and Technical Delegates.